First, let me get something out in the open. I don’t really like the term “floodlighting.”

It sounds like you put one huge light in front of your house and, boom! Your home is blasted with a flood of stark light.

Grab your sunglasses and kiss any of the beautiful details of your home’s architecture goodbye.

The sad thing is, that’s exactly what some homeowners do.

Like any aspect of good professional landscape lighting, there’s an art to this type of lighting.

Let’s take a look at how to properly floodlight your house.

First, What Is Floodlighting?

Floodlighting is a basic element of landscape lighting.

When floodlighting a house, lights are placed low in the landscape and directed up at your house.

They cast a wide beam to offer a wash of light that highlights the architectural features of your home.

The idea is to bring inviting warmth to the front of your house.

This is your curb appeal lighting, to be appreciated from the street.

But it serves other purposes, too, including security lighting, as well as accent lighting for your home’s unique features.

You Need More Than One Light

But it isn’t meant to stand alone. The best home floodlighting is combined with other layers for an entire palette of light.

We might start with lighting your front entry. But we don’t stop there.

The goal is balance and composition, so we’d add washes of light across the front of your home, so the light gently carries your eye across the entire front of the house.

Layering is important — not just flooding the dormers and the chimney with light.

We look at the architectural features you want to highlight, and bathe them in light. Maybe your nice dark brick facade, or stone work, or heavy timber gables.

Each gets a soft wash of light so the eye sees and appreciates each portion of your home.

Other layers of light that work in harmony with floodlighting are path lighting along your walkways and up your steps. Uplighting that stand of pine trees and your pretty red bud tree. Downlighting your flower beds, so it all looks bathed in moonlight.

Balance Is Key